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Professional Diving Instruction, Gear and Adventure


Many people think that a 'professional dive shop' is for SCUBA divers only. Many beginning, or casual, snorkelers believe that they will not find affordable masks, fins and snorkels at a dive shop. Nothing could be further from the truth. A major portion of our business is in that market. We sell children and adult masks starting at $23.95, snorkels from $7.25, and fins from 24.95. It is true that we do not sell the real cheap equipment where the mask skirt is made of PVC and the lens is made of lexan or plastic. This type of equipment is not at all durable, tends to be ill-fitting, and can detract from the joy of snorkeling. All the masks we sell are made with real silicone skirts that remain soft and supple for years. The lenses are made with tempered glass that will not scratch or fog. And the best part is that our knowledgeable staff will help you select the mask, fins and snorkel that provide the best fit and that are in the price range you want to spend.

Must have Snorkeling Accessories:

  • SPF Lip Balm that's Reef Safe
  • SPF Sun Block that's Reef Safe
  • Bonine motion sickness tablets
  • Anti-Fog Gel
  • Mesh Bag with a handle to keep your gear organized and together

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We also have Gift Certificates. Stop in, call, or email.

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