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NITROX Cost: $175

What the heck is Nitrox anyway? Many people assume that Nitrox is a deep diving gas for professional divers only and that it requires the use of expensive, specialized, equipment. These assumptions are incorrect. Nitrox is primarily used in shallower depths above 130 feet and has been used by thousands of recreational divers for over 15 years. In most applications the equipment used can be standard Scuba equipment without modification. Nitrox is a safer breathing gas which is basically air with a higher percentage of oxygen and lower percentage of nitrogen. Nitrox enables divers to extend their bottom times, shorten their surface intervals, and maximize every dive.

Students will learn about the physiology of oxygen and nitrogen; the advantages, disadvantages and risks associated with using Nitrox; oxygen toxicity issues; the concepts of Equivalent Air Depth; the use of EANx with standard air tables; common methods used for mixing Nitrox; and more.

This class is academics only and does not require diving. The cost is $175.00 and includes a Nitrox text, EANx tables, and a Nitrox identification sticker for your Scuba tank.

Dates - 2021 Days Time Location
May 12th Wednesday 6:00-9:00pm WDC
June 8th Tuesday 6:00-9:00pm WDC
July 21st Wednesday 6:00-9:00pm WDC

Please Note: Preregistration for all classes is required. *WDC = Waterfront Diving Center.

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