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ICE DIVING Cost: $495.00

This course will teach you the skills necessary to dive safely in the unique and beautiful environment under the ice. The classroom portion will cover such topics as:

  • Ice diving organization and planning
  • Ice characteristics
  • Dive site preparation
  • Wind chill and exposure considerations
  • Special equipment considerations
  • Underwater navigation
  • Dive harness and line techniques

One pool session is required to address harness & line procedures and entanglement issues. A minimum of three actual ice dives will be completed to gain experience in proper ice diving techniques and procedures.


Pre-requisites for the course include being at least 18 years of age, having an Advanced Diver certification and at least 50 logged dives. A Drysuit Certification is required to participate with minimum of 6 logged drysuit dives.

The cost of the course is $495.00 and includes the use of pony bottles, harnesses, lines and any ice diving specific equipment. Students must provide their drysuit, basic scuba gear and weights. Half price rentals will be available.

Dates - 2021 Days Time Location
February 20th, 27th & 28th


Saturday & Sunday




Please Note: Preregistration for all classes is required. *WDC = Waterfront Diving Center.

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