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Waterfront Diving Center is an authorized dealer for some of the most respected brands in the industry including, Aqua Lung, ScubaPro, Halcyon BCs, Henderson wetsuits, DUI and Whites Drysuits, and more. Each of these manufacturers has made a commitment to the dive industry by distributing their products only through an authorized dealer network. These dealers, including Waterfront, are able to explain the features and benefits of their various products, services them, complete warranty work and notify customers of upgrade opportunities. These manufacturers believe that it is the brick and mortar dive shop, and not the Internet that is the backbone of the dive industry. Shops, like ours, provide the training, fill the tanks and provide the recreational opportunities that create divers and keep them diving. Waterfront Diving Center supports these manufacturers because they support us.

Within each product line, i.e. regulators, bcs, gauges, etc., each manufacturer we represent has a very large selection of equipment from which to choose. As authorized dealers we are able to get any product, however stocking them all would be an impossible task. Over the years we have developed preferences for certain pieces of equipment from certain manufactures. Most often these preferences are based on the fact that many of our staff and instructors use the equipment, know it works well in this environment, and know it lasts. This tends to be the equipment we stock in the shop. In clicking on the links below you will find the products that we prefer to stock from the various manufactures. If we do not have any particular item in stock we are happy to order it.

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